Friday, August 26, 2011

College Bound

What Can You Do To Start Planning For College?

Most likely, your parents have already started saving for your college education. But how have you gotten involved in preparing for college? Working together with your parents to be part of the planning process can be very educational. Although you may not have the same amount of money as your parents do to save for college, there are other ways you can help your family plan for college.

Maintain good study habits which can help you achieve good grades. Academic scholarships are an excellent source of money to help pay for college.

Take college preparatory classes in high school and start thinking about possible career choices. What you want to be when you grow up may strongly influence your choice of college. Most colleges prefer to accept students who have taken more than the basic requires for high school graduation.

Set aside money from part-time jobs to save for college expenses. Tuition is just a part of the cost of going to college. You have to buy books, pay for room and board if you go away to school, travel costs and general living expenses, as well.

Parents: Start talking to your kids about college planning and get them involved with the process. This will help them take ownership of their educational goals. Read “How Can I Save for My Child’s College Education?” to learn more about financial tactics for college planning.

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