Thursday, June 25, 2009

Need Cash? Get to Work!
It's not always easy for kids to find a job. But here are some things kids can do to earn a little extra cash over the summer.

  • Babysitting of course. Check your local hospitals to see if they offer a babysitting class, or learn more about babysitting and earn a babysitting certificate here.

  • Get your lemonade! Not only is a lemonade stand fun, but you can shake things up and offer home-made cookies too. Don't forget to pay Mom and Dad back if they help with supplies.
    Walk dogs/care for pets. Lots of people are too busy over summer to take care of their pets. Start your own pet care, dog walking business. Those long-haired dogs might need brushing, too.

  • Yard work and gardening is another good idea. Offer to cut grass, weed gardens and do general yard work for people. Seniors especially can use the help in the summer.

  • Hold a car wash! Get a group of friends together and with parents’ permission start your own car wash.

  • Have a yard sale. Clean out your closets, toy chests and basements of all the toys/books you no longer use. You'd be surprised how much stuff you no longer use.

  • Teens can visit here to learn how to find a job, where to get working papers, where teens can work, what to wear for an interview, and how to obtain references.

There are laws about kids working so you have to be creative when you are young to earn money. Get your parents involved too, they may have some good ideas. They may even be more encouraged to help you out if they see you trying to make your own cash instead of just holding out your hand.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Learning the “Real” Value of Money through Giving

I have always believed that a necessary part of learning about money is learning how to value what you have and sharing with people who do not have as much as you. In an effort to teach these lessons to my own children, my wife and I helped our sons Keanu and Tristen establish their own non-profit organization call Turn Kindness On (TKO) Helping Hands. TKO Helping Hands motivates children of all ages to change their world through volunteering, harnessing their uniquely empathetic energy and empowering them to build a lifelong relationship with community service.

During a recent family vacation to Africa, our family did what we always do when we travel. We took money and supplies collected through the efforts of TKO and local students and delivered them to children’s organizations in the communities where we visited.

Click here to watch and see what a difference you can make when you understand the “real” value of money.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What is Diversification?

Have you ever heard some say “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”? What does that mean? Well, if you put all of your eggs in one basket and that basket drops, you run the risk that all of your eggs will be broken and lost. But if you put a few eggs in two or more baskets and only one basket falls breaking only its eggs, you still have some good eggs in your other baskets that didn’t fall and break.

That is diversification: putting your money in several different places or buying some stocks from several different companies. For example, if you use all of your money to buy stock in only one company and the value of that stock drops then you could lose all of your money. But if you diversify, maybe you buy stock in several different companies and put some money in the bank for saving and keep some money at home in your piggy bank. Then if the value of stock in one company goes down, you only lose the money you invested in that stock but should still have money in your other locations.

By the way: what’s the most you can ever lose in stocks? The amount you invested. What’s the most you can gain? Unlimited – anything can happen.