Thursday, June 11, 2009

Learning the “Real” Value of Money through Giving

I have always believed that a necessary part of learning about money is learning how to value what you have and sharing with people who do not have as much as you. In an effort to teach these lessons to my own children, my wife and I helped our sons Keanu and Tristen establish their own non-profit organization call Turn Kindness On (TKO) Helping Hands. TKO Helping Hands motivates children of all ages to change their world through volunteering, harnessing their uniquely empathetic energy and empowering them to build a lifelong relationship with community service.

During a recent family vacation to Africa, our family did what we always do when we travel. We took money and supplies collected through the efforts of TKO and local students and delivered them to children’s organizations in the communities where we visited.

Click here to watch and see what a difference you can make when you understand the “real” value of money.