Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What Causes the Stock Market To Go Up and Down?

Have you ever heard of supply and demand? When there is a lot of something – a large supply – the price goes down. When there is a small supply of something, the price goes up.

Let’s say when it’s time to eat, there’s only one sandwich and everyone wants it. The price would go up. The person with the most money will be able to buy it. But when there are lots of sandwiches the price goes down. It’s the same with stock. If a lot of people want a certain stock – and there are a limited number of shares, the price goes up. If a lot of people want to sell a stock, and not too many who want to buy it, the price goes down, because the supply will be greater. When everyone wants to buy a stock, the price goes up.

The other thing that affects the price of stock is emotion. When people are very excited about the market and they want to make a more than anyone else and they are willing o do anything – that’s when the price of stock goes really high. That’s called greed. When people are greedy they’re willing to do anything they can. But when people are scared, what do they do? They hide. When people are scared and they sell their stock and put their money in the bank, they are sort of hiding. What’s happening in our markets today? People are scared. There’s a lot of money sitting in the bank.