Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Can I Earn That?

So you’ve either earned or been given some money, but what do you intend to do with it? The age-old lesson of need versus want it too often lost in today’s vast world of consumerism. The newest, greatest version of everything is coming at us faster than ever, making it easy for us to get confused about what we really need to spend our money on and what is just too cool to pass up. As soon as my children were old enough to point and ask for a toy or candy bar in the check-out line, I taught them to say “how can I earn that?” rather than “I want that”. This simple little step can completely change how you view all the stuff around you. If it isn’t worth doing an extra chore to get it, then maybe it really isn’t that important to have, after all. And if you choose to put a little skin in the game (earn the money to pay for the purchase) it makes you appreciate the item all the more.

As a New Year's Resolution, I challenge you to stop asking your parents to buy you things and starting asking them "How can I earn the things I want?"!